You are here because you know that having solid content and copy on your website, blog, or newsletter is vital to growing your audience, increasing views, and converting sales.

You are here because you understand that readers expect a high standard from your writing project — it must be correct, concise, consistent, and clear.

You know the value a skilled writer or proofreader can provide. However, mastering the art of good writing and precise editing — and finding the time to put it all into action — can be huge barriers to overcome. Especially if you are a busy building the rest of your empire.

So where do I come in?


No matter your niche, effective strategy begins with setting clear goals and targets for your sales funnels. With that it mind, you will need copy that increases views and then converts those views to sales/leads/follows/etc.

Here’s what I can create:

  • website copy
  • product descriptions
  • email marketing

Long-Form Content Writing

Consistency and value are key when it comes to your blog, newsletter, or email marketing — no one wants to subscribe to your content unless they know you respect their time and attention and can offer them something worthwhile in return.

Here’s what I can write:

  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • email communications


Someone smart once said that the art of writing is in the rewriting; revision is an integral part of the writing process. Whether you are writing for publication, credit, or for paying customers, poor grammar or gaps in the narrative will leave your readers with a negative impression of your skills and expertise.

Here’s what I can edit:

  • web copy, newsletter, or blog posts
  • academic papers & articles
  • your book or story