Welcome to the inaugural blog post of my new website. If you’re reading this, that means my dream has finally come true — a dream over 20 years, 3 University degrees, and a whole lotta failure in the making. I’ve hung up my digital shingle, updated my twitter bio, and made it Facebook official: I am open for business as a freelancer!

Here I will be documenting my processes and my experiences working (hopefully) with clients and other businesses. I hope not only to be as open and candid as is professionally advisable, but also to create an archived version of a newborn freelancer — a primary source and guide for future freelancers (may they learn from my mistakes and not do as I do.)

As for the rest of the website, consider it a work in progress. I’m still sorting out a few fairly important things (I’m looking at you, professional headshots, company logo, and SEO plug-in…) but if I were to wait for everything to be perfect I would never get anything done. So bear with me while I Google literally everything.

If you’re feeling kind and haven’t checked out the rest of the website, you may be interested in my:

  • About Me page for some background on my #journey so far
  • Services page for a look at what I could do for you and my Working With Me page for how I could do it
  • Hire Me page to get in touch and connect with me now
  • Portfolio page for a look at what I’ve already done for others

And of course don’t forget to come back each week for a new blog post!

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave a comment to introduce yourself.

Jill xx

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